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Mp3 Unlimited Special:

Sting & The Police

Download notice:
If the extension is .zip try to unzip (use WinZip 7.0). If not possible than rename to .mp3. All other extensions rename to .mp3. Download resuming possible with Go!Zilla 3.5 downloadmanager.
Copy link into Gozilla and let this downloadmanager do the job. If you get an 403 error, then use right mousebutton on link and "save target as".
song download
Message in a bottle           download
Can't stand losing you           download
Englishman in New York           download
Roxanne           download
Roxanne '97 - Duff Daddy Remix           download
Every breath you take           download
Walking on the moon           download
Seven Days           download
Fields of gold           download
Fragile           download
Every little thing she does is magic           download
If you love somebody set them free           download
Let the soul be your pilot           download
Russians           download
If you ever loose my faith           download
When we dance           download
Don't stand so close to me           download